Class Information & Schedule

Actors Approach develops the actor’s ability to fire the imagination, find inspiration in the given circumstances of the script, to organically listen and impulsively respond, and to create a detailed physical life.

Why create a detailed physical life?  In acting, the imagination follows the body.  The more the body is activated, the more the imagination is excited.

Class size is limited and taught by Francis Gercke, a professional actor and director, an instructor at the college level, and a graduate of the Actors Studio Drama School at the New School for Social Research (NYC).

Class Schedule

  • Monday afternoon 1-4pm (Meets in Del Mar)
  • Monday evening 7-10pm (Meets in Del Mar)
  • Tuesday evening 7-10pm (Meets in the college district near SDSU)

Payment is due at the first class meeting of every month.
Each class meets once a week, four times per month and costs $120/month.
For more information please contact

LIMITED-TIME OFFER:  12 in 1.  For those who cannot make the regular weekly commitment to class, Actors Approach would like to accommodate your busy schedule.  Through April 30, you can enroll in Actors Approach and attend one class each month for a full year.  You choose the class you wish to attend that best fits your schedule.  Come to class one day each month – whichever class that’s most convenient for you.  And it can change each month based upon your needs and schedule.  Cost is $65/class.  Please contact for more information.

Intensive Workshops:

Individual Intensive:  One Hour of Private Coaching for $65

Actors lead busy lives.  Work, auditions, rehearsals, professional and personal responsibilities.  This can sometimes leave precious little time for actors to attend classes.  Actors Approach offers a unique and convenient opportunity:  The Individual Intensive.

Each session meets for one hour and is designed to take the actor from scene analysis to performance.  In one month, the actor will learn to respond fully to the script.

The essential skill the actor needs to develop is the ability to work off and respond to your partner.   This normally takes place in a scene study class.  Actors learn to work with various scene partners to develop the ability to respond impulsively and instinc-tively to their partners’ behaviors.

But the actor’s first partner is the script, the text, the words of the play.  The actor has to convert the words on the page into a personally compelling experience.  Actors have been led to believe that they must have life experiences similar to the character or com- plimentary to the character’s journey in order to achieve powerful responses to the play.  This is too limiting and robs the actor of his unique imaginative power.  The Individual Intensive will excite the actor’s imagination, convert the words of the play into strong thoughts and images, and turn the text into experience.

This limited time opportunity offers actors four coachings to be scheduled at a time convenient to their personal schedules.  The Individual Intensive is ideal for audition preparation and work on a current role.

For information, please email or call (760) 975 7189.

The NEXT Saturday FREE-For-All – 11am to 12 noon:  April 30

One Saturday each month, Actors Approach invites actors who wish to work a monologue, scene, audition, exercise, or explore a specific role on a first-come-first-served basis.  This hour workshop offers actors a chance to set the agenda and tailor the instruction to their personal needs.  The open forum is now limited to 2 participants to ensure personal attention.  Please contact for more information and to reserve a space.  RESERVATIONS REQUIRED.